Wan Dou Sek @ Geylang

Picture this although geyland is considered singapore’s red light district, traffic is bad most of the time, alot of MIC, sleazy place  but it is a house for lots of good food in singapore. One example durian, die die must eat here, but my mum prefers to buy then at shing song supermarket, as it is cheaper and the durians are actually much better. ( Tested and proven twice ).

Back to the main topic. “Wan Dou Sek” is place that sells Tim Sum,  a good supper hangout. Food is rather expensive but overall food is quite nice.  We have light dinner hence we end up here for durian and tim sum for supper. I just ordered my favourite dishes with is the scallop porridge and the char siew bao, both dishes are out of the world.

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  1. Wilson Reply

    126 Eating House (Wan Tou Sek)
    126 Sims Ave
    67464757, 67454869
    Open 24 hours daily

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