Ikea Restaurant @ Tampines

Nice place to have your branch or dinner. Most of the time the place is quite crowed. The trend here is to serve standard stuff like meatballs,salmon,chicken wing,spaghetti and daily they will have meal of the day. The best so far i tried is the curry rice, very good and not too spicy.As for it is a weekend and we decided to have meatball spaghetti and chicken wing. All the time favorite combination, everytime we go.

Meatball is make of beef and pork i think, very well made, most likely it is imported from Sweden ikeas’ headquarters (correct me if i am wrong), the jam given taste really nice and i not a very bread spread person and i actually like it. The spaghetti taste quite reasonable. The chix wing should be fried in a control manner, every piece taste so juicy and tender.

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