Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant Pte Ltd @ Arab Street

There are lots of prata shops that i have tried, but this one is really nice. This shop has a sign that shows since 1908. That is sure a long time ago since they first serve muslim food. The row of tables that is outside the place, i told myself i must try this place after i meet up with my friend.  After a quick drink at Blue Jazz Cafe at Bali Lane, we decided to have this for supper.

The mutabak here is crispy and do not have strong mutton smell. ( If you not into mutton or cannot eat can try sardine or chicken) I can say is that this really leave up to its name and it is also quite reasonable prices. One serving enough for at least 2 person only for S$5 dollars. The teh tarik here is also very traditional, have a light (i think bandong hmm) taste which is very unqiue, very nice.

I saw lot of people ordered the nasi brayni, but because we had lazania, grill fish with a little beer hence too full to try it maybe the next time i go back i will write more about this place.

697/699 North Bridge Road, 6298-7011

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