Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits @ Changi Airport T3

This fast food many will say that they serve the same food as KFC. But after trying it the first time @ Hong Kong International Airport i will not forget the taste of it forever.

Can say it is one of the best first chicken, mildly spicy and hell it is crispy! The wiped potato w herbs is really a spotlight of the popeyes, it is a die die must have every time you go. There is a little herbs and meat bits in it, with really smooth ( i mean really smooth) wipped potato, it really makes a heavenly combination. My girlfriend also like the biscuits with maple syrup, a special baked bun/biscuit, Try it and you will know.

I have craving for popeyes during the PC show @ suntec but after a long walk to The Flyers the queue is outrageously long. Hence Last night, my friends agreeded that we should go to the T3 and have it in case the bad experiences @ the flyers comes back again.The last time there is a popeyes @ T1 but it closed down. After the T3 was completed, they reopened there and a branch @ The Singapore Flyers, the owners really know the formular of make money ! More People means more business.

Was really shocked when my friend of mine ordered 12 pieces meal for the 5 one us + my girlfriend.  Quite disappointed, when we were told that the biscuits was sold out, but it was replaced by reg sides instead. We had 4 reg fries, 2 lrg 4 reg wipped potato, 2 reg coldslaw, and that is really alot. but still we finished the whole lot of it. The standard of food is still there, taste almost identical to the onces i had in hong kong.

65 Airport Boulevard, Basement Level 2 South
#B2-LF1 Changi Airport T3

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