Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant @ Liang Seah Street

I had craving for tze char so we decided to try this store that is right opposite Liang Seah Easting Place. I read quite good reviews from other sites. There is only the 2 of us hence we just ordered fried beef kuay tiao, gong bao chicken, sambal stingray.

The fried beef kuay tiao is quite good, not too oily and the beef is nicely seasoned. It is quite worth it for S$5 dollars only.

Jaclyn has craving for gong bao chicken, so we ordered this but the liang seah eating place one taste better. Nothing really fantastic about this.

The stingray is really really i mean really spicy !!! But overall it taste ok.

One thing i do not like about this place is that, the waitress are quite rude and very pushy. A funny incident happened is that i order for gong bao chicken w rice, they say they do not serve it. She said that they only have gong bao chicken in a dish. I was really wondering you have it as a dish but not w rice, then i found out because with rice is S$5 dollars but a dish is S$9. Service fail !

1 Liang Seah Street
#01-01/02 Liang Seah Place
Tel:6837 0129

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