Hua Kee @ Pasir Panjang Food Ctr

We came here after a long day of sunbathing and playing volleyball, super tired. But we decided not to have dinner inside sentosa as it is super costly. Hence my friend suggested that we have dinner at pasir panjang food center, a new place and we did not want to travel far as this place is quite near vivocity just 5 min drive away. This place has a outragesly small car park but as there is not really alot of shops around so we waited for a short awhile and we manged to get a lot.

We were told there the hwa kee’s food was good and we left it to my friend to order. At the same time, we ordered satay and chicken wings at the same time.

The Muslim satay store has a sign that say “best in town” and the satay that was served really live up to its name. The meat was mildly marinated and was not overcooked. The peanut satay sauce is quite nice, and not too oily. Chicken wings was quite normal, but chili is quite shiok.

Then came the main dishes, there was 2 plates of bbq Stingray, 2 plates of LaLa , 2 plates of kangkong, 1 plate of si hum, 1 baby squid.

The Stingraywas very tasty, the sambal chili is very nice  (not too spicy but taste good ) and  the portion was reasonable, i been to places where they think we are carrot tops ( i shall not go on with the list). Lala looks plain but the sauce is quite good, strong garlic taste but it is the best when you eat it with rice. The kangkong is normal but more to the spicy side. As for the si hum, the 7 out 8 of us do not eat this and leaving one poor chap to shed alot of blood while eating it (No pun intended).

Lastly came the baby squid,  my personal favourite. It is very crispy and the taste of the dish was very nice (slight sweetness + chilli). Heavenly.

The total bill was around 85 dollars for so close to 8 dishes, quite reasonable. I will definately come back to this place.

121 Pasir Panjang Rd #01-10/11/12
Pasir Panjang Food Ctr S118543
Telephone : 64749142 / 96812591
Time: 1630 – 0030, Off on Tue

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  1. Joycelyn Reply

    Hi Weisoon!

    Your site is making me hungry and i would definitely like to try out some recommendation here. >.< Have you try the sting ray in adam road?

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  3. chrisnglh Reply

    Will not go back to Hua Kee ever again. Went there last Sun with my family n had the stingray, crayfish n one unknown dish, unknown because we ordered tofu and the dish we had taste like fishcake, when we try to ask the stall assitant about it, we were told that they do not know, that they don’t know anything about the food. The stingray also tasted spoil with the flesh slimy. Terrible service n ex too.

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