Beo Crescent Curry Rice @ Tiong Bahru

If you are looking for nice curry rice, this is the place that you should go. It is cheap and good.

The store does not have a signboard but i am quite sure that you will not missed it. During lunch time, there will sure be a queue and due to the limited seats, you will see people seated at the food center right opposite the place.

They have a long list of dishes to go with the rice that is top with curry and 2 unknown mixtures. We had cabbage aka kor lei chai, sambal sotong, deep fried prawns, pork chop and fried eggs, wonderful combination.

The cabbage and the pork chop are famous curry rice dish that you must have. The cabbage was cooked until they had a really soft and gravy was quite unique, i believe they added curry powder to it. Nice! The pork chop is a die die must try, strips of pork with a little fat, seasoned and then deep fried. Crispy and crunchy, heavenly. I liked the sambal sotong, but my friends found it too hot. The fried prawns, i really fancy as the seasoning taste abit sweet taste, but overall it is quite nice.

It cost us around 26 dollars for 5 person share with 6 rices. Cheap and good lunch.

Beo Crescent Curry Rice @ Tiong Bahru
Blk 40 Beo Crescent
Thu-Tue: 6.30am-2.40pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

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