Just Dim Sum & Seafood @ Ang Mo Kio

A good neighborhood store have sunday breakfast with you parents / grandparents. They have the old coffee shop tables and chair interesting. The food is relatively normally  but the dishes are reasonable priced. All the dishes are freshly made on the spot.

One complaint i have is the queue is horrible long and by the time it is our turn, the popular dishes are sold out.

It is quite interesting that while waiting we were given samples of the fried spring rolls to try out. Guess what i end up ordering the springroll, it really makes me wonder is it that the stringroll tasted nice or is it that the cashier auntie made a good marketing campaign. Just my 2 cents i guess. A place i will go back, thinking back i kinda like the char siew pau, the egg tart and guess what the spring roll (-_-“)

Block 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
Tel: 6455 7769

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