East Coast Lagoon Food Village

A great seaside food center that serve cheap and good  food.

I good place to bring oversea friends that are visiting singapore.  This place has a good variety of good from the rojak (Chinese/malay/indian)  , chicken wings, satay, wan ton mee, beef noodles, zhi char and more. You name it they have it.

Transport maybe a little problem, but you are in singapore nowhere is too far trust me. It is just how much you want to spend on traveling there.

After your meal you can take a slow scroll down east coast park enjoying the sea breeze. There is also a controlled water ski park, i mean to take a look not too ride after a full meal. Quite nice and the place is windy and cosy.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Parkway (S)468960

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  1. yyn Reply

    hi, can u help to advise me if they are open now? last time i went, they were closed for renovation, that was over a year ago though. I juz want to confirm they are opened so as not to make a wasted trip. thks!

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