Maldive – Unique Experience with ClubMed Kani

Hotels gives me a feeling that is cold and commercialized. Some may not agree with me and quote they had experience excellent service from the hotel they stayed in. Take a step back, the staff that you interact with would probably be the reception or room service. As guest to the hotel, its they job to please you and hope that you will return for your next stay.

Clubmed has a different approach in this hospitality industry. Throughout your stay with them, Clubmed’s Gracious Organisers (G.O) will provide personal attention to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have a dedicated public relations G.O.s who speak the language of your choice.

A all inclusive holiday with sumptuous  meals, activities and liquor all included with one price and no hidden cost.

We chose Clubmed Kani, Maldives as our honeymoon destination.

The whole region of maldives is 99% water and is made up of a total  of 1190 islands. Of these 1190 islands, only 200 is inhabited including a total of  99 resort islands. There are many reasons why visitors travel far and wide just for the Maldives a prominent reason being it’s unrivalled in its natural pristine beauty. With the clearest of blue waters you’ll be lost in your very own private fantasy island.

Arriving from a 4 hours flight to male, there was a nice gentleman from clubmed that was waiting there for the transfer.After all guest has registered, he accompanied us to a waiting speedboat at the dock and waived us off.

Speedboat Transfer to the resort


walking down the bridge to the island.

Lifejacket for snokerling trips and diving. Clubmed kani does not have a house reef but it provides 2x daily snokerling trips per day.


Snorkeling Map that show the different sites for snorkeling. The G.O will decide which location to go before the trip, depending on the weather and current.




This island entrance


Photos of the rooms.


There is 2 other option for rooms

superior room

lagoon villa

Swimming pool. The sea water look lighter compared to the pool water.

Clubmed Activities list. All meals are including late breakfast and last lunch options. The activity lessons timing are also in the list.


2 bars (no photo for the beach bar near the pool)

Dinning area.

Velhi, the buffet area for main meal timing.

Kandu, for late lunch and fine dining area. (its also free but there is a paid meal which includes lobster). For dinner, you have to book the day before at from 1100h-1300h at the restaurant). Good place to spot baby sharks!

Every night will have a designated theme of clothings, which you could either call before hand to check else you could buy at their boutique below. At the same time, you could get some souvenirs.

There are some addition tours that you could book from the discovery center below.

activities pricing below.

We took the Half day picnic tour. We manage to see sharks, turtles and stingray, and the lobster lunch picnic in a island was also unforgettable experience. But a word of caution, you need to be able to swim well as the tour requires you to swim on the other side of the current. It is quite challenging.

getting ready for the tour

Stingray photo

deserted island for picnic.

welcome drink

Refreshing coconut slices

BBQ Lobsters !!!!

having meal with at 7 different nationality

The team that make it possible.


Every night there will be a performance by the G.O.


The GO’s at work.



The activities list and pricing for the optional tours.


Drinks Menu at the bar.



If you enjoy the sand, the sun and the sea, this is a paradise for you.  We really enjoyed our stay here. (My domokun did!)

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  1. Mike Leong Reply

    Bro, I just booked a trip to Kani Beach Resort, your pictures is very informative, thank you very much.

    Oh, did you stay in Beach Villas? I understand some units are more desirable.


    • admin Reply

      yes we did.

      As for desirability, i guess we are not given a choice as the rooms are pre checked in and th room card will be given to you once you step onto the island

      The beach villas are further away from the activity area, but quiet away from the noise.

  2. Troy Reply


    I’m going to Kani next month. Do you have to pay to hire goggles & snorkels or is this included? I know the boat trips are free.



    • admin Reply

      Hi troy,

      You do not need to pay for snorkers and mask during the free snorkelling trips. Yup there are 2 free session everyday.

  3. zuzu Reply


    Thank you for the informative entry. I’m going to Kani in May.
    Was wondering if it’s advisable for non-swimmers (like myself) to go for the snorkelling trips? They would provide snorkelling vests for safety right?



    • admin Reply

      Hi zuzu,

      I remember there is a swimming test that you need to perform before your first snorkeling trip. I feel that it is not safe if you are non swimmer, due to strong currents. You may want to consider taking the submarine (paid) trip.

      Yes they do provide life vest and mask for the snorkeling trips.

      Hope you enjoy your trip to kani in May.

  4. Chrisjan Reply

    Good day

    I am going to Kani in December, What is the difference between the club rooms and the superior rooms? Kan you chose in which room you stay and which will you advise me to stay in?
    Is the photos of the room and shower of the club room?

    Thank you
    South Africa

  5. winston Reply


    Excellent photos which give us a feel of the place.

    May i ask what’s the duration of the boat ride to the snorkelling areas?

    Also, i’ve seen a seaplane in some photos. This is probably a paid trip for an aerial view of the islands? do you know how much it costs? and how mmuch does a submarine ride cost?

    many thanks


    • admin Reply

      Hi winston,

      Thank you for the compliments, glad the photos are useful.

      The boat ride to the snorkelling area is within 10-20 mins (depending on which site you are going to).

      Very sad to say that the seaplane is no longer available for leisure ride, it is only for transport to resorts that are further away. I heard from the clubmed G.O that the government put a stop to this due to overwhelming take up rate.

      The submarine ride is around +/-175USD and you can sign up at the clubmed discovery center.

      Wilson Tang

  6. Max Reply

    Is there any additional privilege if we stay in the lagoon suite compare to the beach villa and club room?

    such as certain area that are only exclusive for lagoon suite?

    • admin Reply

      from what i understand, you will be given a blue wrist band upon check in if you are staying in the lagoon villas.

      With this blue wrist band, you will be able access the area near the rooms of the lagoon villas which has security guard monitoring.

      otherwise there is not much differences.

  7. Douglas Brandão Reply


    How much transfer from Male to Kani?

    Thank You.

    • admin Reply


      Mine was part of the package. Based on what the agent told me previously, it was around S$140 for a 2 way speedboat transfer. Please double confirm with clubmed and best if you could update us if you have the latest price.

      Wilson Tang

      • Douglas Brandão Reply

        Wilson, good morning..
        I arrive in Maldives on 7 may.
        The value of transfer charged by the Club Med Kani at U$ 230,00 + 6% por person. Below prices submitted by the hotel:

        MALE AIRPORT – CLUB MED KANI ________________________________________
        If you wish us to organize your transfer to Club Med Kani, thank you to fill the form below.
        The transfer is carried out in fast boat, take 25-30 minutes. You have 2 options,

        The price of the transfer with collective boat is of 3290 MVR (230USD) + 6% GST per person (to go/return).

        If you want a private boat, maximum will be 2 people; price will be 5005 MVR (350USD) + 6% GST/boat/way.
        (Price all subject to change)
        For any organization of transfer, the payment will be done at the village.
        On your arrival at the village of Kani, thank you to pass to the reception to proceed to the payment of your transfer.
        If you accept the conditions of transfer, please fill the form attached with your credit card information in order to validate your booking.

  8. Steve Reply

    Hi Wilson, appreciate if we can private email on Club Med Kani.

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