Wedding – Buying A Proposal Ring

Some tips for those who are on a look out for proposal rings.

1) Make sure that the diamonds have a certificate. (GIA or AGS)
2) Check the certificate date (specially to stores that do trade-in policy)
3) Tally diamond serial number with the given certificate.
4) Try shopping around, i notice that different stores will quote slightly different prices.
5) Do you homework. Have a budget in mind and also the settings that are aiming for( i had a budget of around 3-4k. Based on advise from friends and forums, the settings i looked for is less then 0.5c, F colour and VS 1 clarity.)

The below link explains concept of colour and clarity


Destinee by Lee Hwa Jewellery

Destineé Diamonds are Hearts and Arrows diamond that are cut to the AGS Triple Ideal standard. Destineés have 57 facets. This is because they do not have a culet.

The Destineé Diamonds are slight pricey but I like the fact that the diamonds that i have seen so far are very brilliant.

Quoted 0.43 cart vs1 F colour at around 5.2k (oct 2010)

Brilliant Rose by Soo Kee Jewellery 

Brilliant Rose (BR) is a 66-faceted fancy cut round diamond. Belongs to the premium range from Soo Kee.
The sales lady actually took a 0.57 fuego diamond and compared with a 0.47 BR. The BR looks bigger and more brilliant. Another quite pricey candidate. The signature rings settings for BR is also quite nice.
A 0.47 cart vs1 F colour cost around 4k (nov 2010)


Fuego by Soo Kee Jewellery

Fuego Diamonds are Hearts and Arrows diamond that are cut to the AGS Triple Ideal standard.

Going down to the store during sales period, there are offers up to 50-70% on the diamonds rings. A good choice for people with a tight budget.

A 0.47 cart vvs2 E colour cost around 3k (nov 2010)

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. employs their own diamond cutters, selects their rough with care, and cuts them to exacting standards. They are cut to AGS Triple Ideal, but they are not necessarily Hearts and Arrows.

Their little blue box with the white ribbon is signature of its brand. Ladies will be able to identify one without even opening the box.

You will be paying alot of premium for its branding and also its signature settings with is unqiue to them. If branding is important, this is the brand that you should go for.

I was quoted a 0.43 cart SI1 G colour at around SGD 6k (oct 2010)

Private Jewellery.

They can offer good specification diamonds near wholesales prices with GIA certificates and if you have a design in mind just show them.

A 0.67 cart vs1 F 3Ex colour at around SGD3.2k (nov 2010)

Am i seeing the wrong thing or typo, a 0.67 cart diamond ring for only 3.2k. Yes it is 100% correct.

The reason that why i did not choose to buy from them,
1) I am quite worried about buying a rock with a piece of laminated paper or certificate. I am not saying that AGS or GIA certs are not counterfeit, but i have no way to verify it. I would rather choose a reputable store, pay a little premium and at least i have a peace of mind. No pun intended.
2) To my naked eyes, BR and Desire looks brighted and more brilliant, i cant rules out the lighting maybe a factor.

Conclusion, at the end of the day we are not diamond experts. I recommend that you set a budget, get a targeted specification of diamond that you want. Trust your instinct on which piece looks better and go for it.

Happy Shopping!

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