Wedding – Managing expectations

It is a common believe that getting married is a high costly affair. From my perspective, its should be how you are going to manage your expectations.

The expenses of a simple wedding can breakdown into the following parts:

Bridal Package
Wedding Bands
Actual Day Videographer & Photographer
Wedding Banquet

*These are main bulk of the expenses, there will definitely be hidden cost. Please take this as a reference only.

1) Wedding Package – $1,500 and below can just op for a simple photo shoot with a small album. another option is bridal packages from malaysia johor.
2) Wedding Bands – $800 and below
3) Solemnization – Registry of Marriages at $26.
4) Videographer & Photographer – get some friends to help.
5) Wedding Banquet – $1000 and below. A lunch buffet at home or at the venue of solemnization inviting only relatives and close friends.
6) Honeymoon – $1,000, trip to nearby island beach resorts like bali

Total Costs: About $5000

1) Wedding Package – $3,500
2) Wedding Bands – $2,000 and below
3) Solemnization – $1,500 and below, nice bar or small resturant
4) Videographer & Photographer – $2,000 videographer and $1500 Photographer.
5) Wedding Banquet – $800 to 1,500 a table. A usual 5 Star hotel banquet will cost $1300++ per table.
6) Honeymoon – $6,000, a nice trip to Japan, or Maldives

Total Costs: About $16,500 not including banquet cost (Based on 30 tables, banquet costs will be about $40,000 and below)

1) Wedding Package – $7,000 and above, fly overseas for the photoshoot. Enaging a bridal studio and photographer along 2) Wedding Bands – $10,000 and above, custom made wedding bands with gems from Cartier
3) Solemnization – $10,000 and above, theme based solemnization session
4) Wedding Banquet – $1,688++ a table gets you St Regis on a weekend
5) Videographer & Photographer – $6,000 and above, professional videographer with express edits and professional photographer with 2 cameras for the entire day
6) Honeymoon – $20,000 and above, fly Singapore Airlines Business Class to Europe or some exotic location.

Total Costs: around $60,000 not including banquet cost (Based on 50 tables, banquet costs will be about $100,000 and above)

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