Narita Airport (NRT) to Tokyo City Center (Japan)

Narita Airport (NRT) to Tokyo City Center – How to get to around

As a first time traveler to Japan, i recommend that you choose to take the Airport Limousine. It is hassle free althought it may price slightly higher, take longer to get to the hotel.

By Bus:

Airport Limousine takes around 2 hour to get to tokyo but if you are staying in popular hotels in Japan. The bus will bring you to the door step. Our bus ticket to Keio Plaza Hotel cost NT 3000.

If you have to bring along lots of stuff, you absolutely must have a suitcase with rollers on it, or a rollable luggage cart. Important try to travel light as most train stations in Japan often have lots of stairs and few if any elevators or escalator





By JR (Japan Railways) Train:
The cost to Tokyo station is 2890 yen for a normal seat, and 4890 for a seat in the Green car (first class). The time to Tokyo station is just under one hour. The cost and time to the other stations will be higher.

If you get off at Shinjuku and are headed for the hotels in the area, be sure to follow the signs for the West exit.


By Keisei Railway Train:

Keisei Skyliner connects the airport and central Tokyo within one hour.

By Taxi:

It will cost you around Y300,000.


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